Portable Temporary Fencing Hire

fenceWhether you need to secure a construction site or a major event compound, Bianco Hiring Service can help with all your temporary fencing needs.

  • Panel Size: 2.1 metres x 2.4 metres with 1.8 metre  mesh infill panels
  • Blow moulded Fence Feet  (weight 29 kg)
  • Shade Cloth can be provided on request



Footings for temporary fencingFootings for temporary fencing need to be strong, as they act as a foot that stops the fence from falling over. They are often made from a broad platform made of steel or a heavily weighted block construction, often poured into a plastic mounding which give a nice aesthetic finish.


In addition to the obvious purpose or portable temporary fencing being to keep people away from unsafe situations, fencing made from open steel mesh construction allows onsite visibility from outside. Vehicles approaching a site with temporary fencing can usually see through the mesh and know what site obstacles they are about to encounter, including being able to see high visibility clothing so they can avoid collision with people onsite.

Some Places Temporary Fencing Is Used

  • Commercial building site
  • Housing construction sites
  • Around pools during construction
  • Public events
  • Sporting events
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Animal penning
  • Emergency & disaster sites
  • Property fencing lines
  • Wherever crowd control is needed

Portable Temporary Fencing Hire

As temporary Fencing is generally used as a temporary measure during construction or the length of an event, it is common place for temporary fencing to be acquired as an asset for hire. This is often a cost effective alternative to building a fence as a permanent structure or purchasing temporary fencing that will never be used again after the projects is over.

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