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Multi-Purpose Building Complex

Portable multipurpose Building complexes are suitable for anyone requiring additional amenities onsite. These portable multi-purpose complexes are generally used for hire on construction sites, building sites and any other sites that require additional facilities. Our multi-purpose building complexes can be customized to suit your onsite needs.

Furniture & Appliance Options

  • R/C Air Conditioner
  • Pin Board
  • White Board
  • Book Case
  • Office Chair
  • HWS Under Sink
  • Lockers
  • Microwave
  • Sink and Counter
  • Desk Mobile Drawers
  • Boiling Water Unit
  • Filling Cabinet
  • Office Desk
  • Fridge
  • Meeting Table
  • Pie Warmer
  • Urn

Our typical complex sizes:

  • 12.0×6.0
  • 12.0×9.0
  • 12.0×12.0

Additional size Complexes are available upon request.

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Multi-Purpose Building Complex

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